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Hooked the Book Reviews

Tez Plavenieks

August 17, 2023

‘Hooked! – Windsurfing’s Untold Stories’ is a fabulous real-deal account of windsurfing’s early years when it became a proper sport. Its visuals only add to what is a fascinating read. Featuring recounts from some of windsurfing’s early industry movers and shakers – some of whom may not have been the household names you may be used to; it’s eye-opening yet entertaining on multiple levels. Windsurfing is different from the headline watersport it once was, and for any rider remotely connected, ‘Hooked’ is a must-have for your library

Marcello Rivalta

April 29, 2023

There are books that you must have in your library, Hooked! is one of these, witness to stories and photos of a world that has belonged to me since my adolescence! Fantastic!!!

Allard van der Veen

April 28, 2023

Hooked is a real Must Have. I was there during the heyday's of windsurfing in the 70's and 80's. I too became infected with the windsurfing virus at that time. (Nowadays I’m an oldskool longboard fan.) The book Hooked starts in the early days of windsurfing and takes you to now. Unpublished photos and interviews with windsurfing heroes are great fun to see and read. It evokes memories and the "aha-experience". Chapeau to the creators of the book. The history and present of windsurfing is beautifully shown. The book is also recommended as a gift. I am very happy with it. Hang loose!


April 28, 2023

Wat een fantastische opbouw heeft dit verhaal! Complimenten aan de schrijver van het boek. Een must have voor watersportliefhebbers!


April 26, 2023

A real must see, must read, must have, must everything else... I really love it. thanks and see you soon on the water ! Jean 🤙


April 25, 2023

An amazing book about the development of windsurfing, the leaders behind the brands and those who brought the sport to what it had made so fascinating: not only the riders but also the guys who risked a fortune to build up factories and new technologies. This makes the book much more exciting than just showing nice pictures from windsurfing history.

Geert Hokke

April 25, 2023

As a passionate, senior windsurfer I think this is a must-have book. The stories in this book provide additional context to all the news I used to gather from this exceptional sport. Buying the German SURF in the stores when I left my little local town. Later SURF became accessible at my local bookstore and that started also my passion for building custom boards. Now I realize even more how lucky I was witnessing the birth of the sport and all the great stories that came along with it.


April 24, 2023

Prachtig groot boek, met geweldige foto’s en verhalen! Niet enkel voor de watersportliefhebber, maar ook voor mensen die interesse hebben in andere sporten, of als je gewoon mooie verhalen met mooie visuals wilt lezen/bekijken. 100% recommend!


April 24, 2023

Ik ben via een Facebook advertentie terechtgekomen op dit boek. Het bestellen ging eenvoudig. Inmiddels dit enorme boek ontvangen. Kan niets anders zeggen dat ik zeer blij ben met mijn aankoop. De kwaliteit heeft mijn verwachting ruimschoots overtroffen. Geweldige foto's en verhalen, een lust voor het oog. Ontzettend bedankt!


April 24, 2023

Amazing stories and visuals! This book is a great addition to my collection of water sport table books.


April 21, 2023

Epic and iconic it is indeed. What a marvelous masterpiece. It completely blew my mind and it managed to surpass my high expectations! The author did a magnficent job. As is said, it truly reminded me of my own passionate and personal journey in the sport. I definitely consider this book as a must-read. Just WOW!

Tim Klijn

April 21, 2023

Wat een gaaf boek!!! Robby Naish als 13 jarig jochie zeilde iedereen aan snot!!!! Nu de King van de watersporten! De hele historie van het windsurfen tot nu aan toe. Heerlijk om te lezen en zalig om te kijken (Zeker als jezelf al die ontwikkelingen hebt meegemaakt).

Mar Perez del solar

April 21, 2023

Un libro que todo amante de los deportes acuáticos debería tener. Una combinación de imágenes increíbles y textos que te teletransportarán. Como surfista profesional puede decir que cumplió 100% con mis expectativas. Un must para leer y tener en casa, impresionarás a todos tus invitados! Buenísima opción como regalo también!

Louwrens Klos

April 21, 2023

Een fantastisch boek waar vele herinneringen weer boven komen. En je hoeft zelf geen top surfer te zijn geweest om die ervaringen/herinneringen terug te halen. Een (windsurf)boek die je graag wilt hebben om de oude herinneringen te koesteren


April 21, 2023

This book is definitely reminding me off the good old days!! Great book!

Robert van der Vegt

April 21, 2023

A must read for every watersport fanatic with fantastic insights about the sport and industry.


April 21, 2023

Een van de betere boeken over dit onderwerp.

Roan Vlutters

April 21, 2023

Lekker boekje zeg!

Mike Nurgel

April 21, 2023

Amazing to get a inside view or stories never told or unseen for the public before. Lovely work Mr.Huisman.


April 20, 2023

The images in this book were absolutely breathtaking. Each one was a masterpiece in its own right, perfectly capturing the vibrant colors, intricate details, and overall mood of the era. They transported me back in time and gave me a glimpse into a world that was both exciting and enchanting. But it wasn't just the images that impressed me - the way the author described the era was equally captivating. The words flowed effortlessly and painted a vivid picture of the time, highlighting the key events and personalities that shaped it. Overall, this book was a true delight to read. The stunning visuals and captivating prose worked together to create an immersive experience that left me feeling inspired and uplifted. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about this incredible period in history.
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