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Hooked publication

Author Steve West and Huisman Publishing present “HOOKED”; – Windsurfing’s Untold
Stories; a New, Powerful Body of Work Concerning the Origins, Growth and Evolution of

Over the past three years, water sports icon, Steve West, has researched and authored a ‘Must Have’ publication for every water sports and board riding enthusiast, culminating in a superb tribute to the sport of windsurfing and water-based board sports. With his penchant for water sports history and design, from paddlesports to windsurfing and foiling, he is regarded worldwide as the connoisseur and author of the highest standards of works and publications. A prodigious author and winner of the World Paddle Awards for Media, West presents a deeply researched body of work, recounting the origins and growth of windsurfing and the influence the sport has had upon a generation, how it impacted fashion and lifestyles up to the latest developments in the field of kitesurfing and wingfoiling. The contents are divided into five major themes:

  • From conception to arrival in Europe
  • 1975 to 1989; the golden years
  • The essence, soul and impact of windsurfing.
  • The genesis and journey of four trendsetting brands: Mistral, F2, Naish, and Windsurfing Hawaii.
  • Evolutionary challenges, opportunities and developments since 1990.

West expertly takes you on a journey spanning five decades of windsurfing history. He describes the boom years in which an addictive windsurfing culture grew in sync with evolving lifestyles, fashion and music and its influence on an entire generation. He sheds light on the competitive drive and egos of the sport’s protagonists and how early brands such as Windsurfer®, Windsurfing Hawaii, Mistral®, F2 and Naish evolved within an endlessly changing market.

Supplemented with beautiful, iconic images from Ulli Seer, Mistral’s most significant long-time photographer, it reveals the evolution of windsurfing and its evocative appeal, from simple sails to rudimentary wooden booms to advances in equipment. Other world-class photographers, including Steve Wilkings and Darell Wong, also impact this richly illustrated book.

The iconic Mistral brand provides an example of the ups and downs of a young sport that exploded, leaving six different owners between 1976 and 2022, each making their mark. Tensions, egos, intrigues and agendas between individuals and how a brand can survive through those highs and lows are classically presented.

Those interested in marketing, evolution, devolution and the water sports industry, in general, will relish the branding stories throughout the publication. In this captivating documentary, numerous significant protagonists contribute through one-to-one interviews and collective anecdotes, represented by some of the paternal family members of the sport, including the likes of Robby Naish and Larry Stanley. Confessions and anecdotes reveal back stories during the sport’s incredible growth, defining the windsurfing explosion and how the European scene would become the sports juggernaut.

One-time Mistral World Champion and coach of the British Olympic Team, Professor Ben Oakley, was commissioned by his friend West for the final editing; there’s a good chance you’ll be taken on a journey back to that past and even be inspired to get back on the water if you’ve long since harnessed the wind.

‘Hooked’ is destined to become a classic publication concerning the origin, growth and evolution of windsurfing with never before revealed stories for board sports lovers and windsurfers past and present. A wonderful gift to give or receive, luxuriously presented in full colour, large format 24 x 33 cm over 256 pages.

  • Published by:
    Huisman Publishing © 2023, Bedrijvenstraat 2, 7641 AN Wierden Netherlands
  • Researched and Authored by:
    Steve West
  • Photography:
    Ulli Seer
  • Editor and Supporting Text:
    Ben Oakley
  • Book and Cover Design:
    Ulli Seer
  • Cover Photo:
    Steve Wilkings / Rider Mike Horgan
  • Supporting Photography:
    Carlo Borlenghi, Michaell Garff, Daniel Forster, Naish Family, Cliff Webb, Stephen Whitesell, Steve Wilkings, Darrel Wong
  • ISBN:
  • Printed by:
    F&W Druck- und Mediencenter GmbH, 83361 Kienberg, Germany
    ©Text, Design, Photography: Huisman Publishing, Netherlands.
  • Extent and Size:
    256 pages + Cover, 24cm x 33cm
  • Website, Sales and Enquiries:
  • Release Date:
    April 14th 2023
  • Promotional Media:
    Live Podcast from the Netherlands April 14th 2023
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