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Strong historical ties to the windsurfing industry

Staged at the Hilton Amsterdam on April 14th, 2023, a select group of VIPs included guests from diverse backgrounds with strong historical ties to the windsurfing industry, including family and friends of the publisher and former owner of Mistral, Ado Huisman.

Windsurfing’s first men’s Olympic Gold Medallist

Windsurfing’s first men’s Olympic Gold Medallist, Stefan van den Berg, presented with the first copy of ‘Hooked’ courtesy of publisher Ado Huisman (centre) At right, Charly Messmer, Mistral’s original test pilot and team rider.

Hooked the Book

‘Hooked the Book’ is 256 pages of heavy-weight content, literally, historically, and photographically. It is a substantial body of work that digs into topics rarely emulated by other windsurfing chronicles. It pulls no punches and gets to the heart of the industry and sport uniquely and openly

A history that should not be lost

Steve West, award-winning author and researcher of ‘Hooked’, opens the proceedings at the Hilton Amsterdam. This is his twentieth publication and, by his admission, the toughest but a much-needed recording of a history that should not be lost but remembered.

Peter Brockhaus

Peter Brockhaus, a one-time central figure in developing European windsurfing; Mistral, F2 and the European Funboard Cup. Controversial, passionate and a marketing genius, he was one of many who took the sport from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Yola Bichler

Yola Bichler, who for 30 years managed the famous Club Mistral venues, now today, Club Ion. Her fascinating and inspiring story makes for great reading about surviving and thriving in a male-dominated environment and rising to the top of her industry.

Record the evolution

Mistral’s principal for over twenty years, Photographer Ulli Seer (left) stands with the 1984 Olympic Gold Medallist, Stefan van den Berg. Ulli’s images span back to the very early 1970s and record the evolution of the sport into the 1990s.

A strong team

Publisher and past owner of Mistral from 2008-2022 Ado Huisman together with author and researcher Steve West. Together they forged a strong team over the past ten years in revitalising Mistral, becoming in part the inspiration for ‘Hooked’ to be created.

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